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Dental Care of Mesa

Why Choose Us as Your Mesa, AZ Dentist?

Going to the dentist is hardly a trip to an amusement park. In reality, it can be a pretty frightening experience, one that some studies estimate 60% of Americans feel anxiety about. If over half of the population has reservations about getting their teeth cleaned, maybe that points to a problem with the way dental offices conduct their practices, not the patients themselves.


Of course, there are great dental offices all over the country. Residents in Mesa, AZ have access to one of the best dentists in Mesa at Smile Mesa. Smile Mesa’s team of experts have over 45 combined years of experience and receive ongoing education and training to ensure that we’re always at the top of our game. However, this education and training aren’t limited only to the dentists; patients often receive preventative care tips during and after their thorough dental exams.


But some may still not be convinced about Smile Mesa’s quality of care. In that case, read on for our tips on choosing the right dentist, and you’ll quickly see the parallels.


Ask for referrals


When it comes to making important decisions, purchases, or investments, it never hurts to enlist your family and friends’ help and advice. Not only will you trust their input as they are people who matter to you and vice versa, but you’re more likely to get an objective opinion that’s not clouded by promotional fluff. However, it’s also reasonable to consult local reviews to see who’s the best in the business. Fortunately, we have a list of impressive testimonials on our website touting the cleanness of our office, friendliness of our staff, and comfort of our services. You can trust that your fellow community members are steering you in the right direction when choosing Smile Mesa, your Mesa, AZ dentist.


Check out our services


Teeth are fickle things. Sometimes the best oral care in the world won’t save you from an unexpected cavity. However, you might encounter a strange, uncommon dental problem once or twice in your life, so you’ll need a dentist’s office that offers an extensive array of services. Smile Mesa is one such dentist’s office, providing services that range from cosmetic procedures to bone grafting to Botox and other fillers. Smile Mesa could very well be a one-stop dental shop for some, making it one of the best choices for a Mesa, AZ, dentist’s office.


Dentists who know what they’re doing

When it comes to professional services, you’re more likely to receive quality service if the pros have the experience to provide it. These professional services are doubly important when they’re health-related, and your oral health is no exception. When shopping around for a new dentist, you’ll want to choose a seasoned one, of course. Fortunately, you’ll find precisely that at Smile Mesa. Dr. Julie Weidner, the head dentist of Smile Mesa, has been practicing dentistry and orthodontics for over 15 years, serving Mesa and its surrounding communities for nine of those years. Moreover, she strives to put patients at ease so that they can experience the most comfortable dentist’s office visit.