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Dental Care of Mesa

Dental Fillings in Mesa, AZ

Dental fillings in Mesa, AZ are one of the most common dental procedures around. Most people will have fillings at some point in their life, no matter how careful they might be with their overall dental hygiene. If you are wondering about whether you might need a filling or you just want to know more about them, read on. On this page, we will look at what fillings really are, why you might need them, what the benefits are, and what the overall process tends to be for getting them. The more you know, the more comfortable you will be if you ever need them yourself.

What Are Dental Fillings?

You have no doubt heard of fillings, and you might even already have one or two, but what exactly are they? In simple terms, fillings are a material that is filled into a tooth in order to repair it. This might be because it is cracked or broken, for instance, or it can be a way to strengthen the tooth if it has decayed at all.

Fillings can be made of a variety of materials. They might be cast gold, silver amalgams, tooth-colored composites, or a few other types. But whatever type you get, the basic goal is always the same: to keep the tooth from further decay and protect it as well as possible.

When Do You Need Fillings?

In general, you will need to have a dental filling in Mesa if you have a tooth which has decayed to the point where a hole is opening up inside it. Or, if you have ground down a tooth through teeth-grinding for instance, then you might need a filling in those cases too. Your dentist will be able to tell you if you are in need of a filling at any point.


The Benefits

Having a filling done can help to protect the tooth in question from further decay, ensuring that further restorative work might not be necessary. It will also enable you to continue using your mouth in the normal way – for instance, allowing you to chew normally again. Fillings are an important preventative measure, and you should make sure you have them done whenever the dentist recommends it, just to ensure you avoid further trouble.

The Process

When you have a dental filling in Mesa put in, your dentist will numb the area around the tooth. Then they will drill into the tooth, to remove the decayed area. Then they will clear the area of bacteria and debris, and finally they will fill it in with the filling. Then they will usually finish and polish it and the tooth as a whole.

The whole process of getting a filling put in is generally very quick, the work of a single session only. It might be possible to have more than one put in at a time, should that be necessary too.

If you think you might need a dental filling in Mesa, AZ, or you just want to make sure, then get in touch with us as soon as possible. We are happy to help.