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Keeping Your Smile Healthy

Your dental health is often a good representation of your general health. Luckily, a proper oral care routine does not require much extra effort or time out of your day. It is, however, helpful to understand how each step affects your smile and why it is important to commit to these important habits. Find out more about keeping your smile healthy with Dr. Julee Weidner at Dental Care of Mesa in Mesa, AZ.

Steps To a Healthy Smile

Brushing is the most well-known part of a healthy oral health routine. However, brushing properly can increase your chances of keeping plaque and tartar away. Using a soft-bristled brush, brush the teeth and oral tissues for at least two minutes twice daily. Use short, back-and-forth and circular motions to clean the front and back of every tooth.

The American Dental Association recommends flossing between each tooth at least once a day. Unfortunately, many people skip over this crucial step in their oral care routine. Flossing between every tooth removes plaque, bacteria and food particles from the areas of the teeth which your toothbrush’s bristles cannot reach. It also removes these substances from underneath the gums, where a buildup of decay can cause gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults.

Tooth-Healthy Foods
Eating tooth-healthy foods also contributes to a healthy mouth. Avoid sugary foods and drinks like sticky candies and sodas. Shoot for foods high in calcium like cheese and yogurt and crunchy vegetables and fruits like apples or celery. These foods will help keep your teeth strong from the inside out and promote saliva flow, which washes away food particles and bacteria.

Regular Dental Examinations
These important dental visits should take place every six months. The frequency of regular examinations helps your dentist find and treat any problems that should arise early, before they evolve into a complex issue which requires an invasive procedure.

Regular Professional Cleanings
During a dental cleaning, your dental hygienist will use special scraping tools to remove any traces of plaque, bacteria and tartar from the teeth. This is important to give your mouth a clean slate and decrease your chance for gum disease and tooth decay.

For more information on keeping your smile healthy and clean, please contact Dr. Weidner at Dental Care of Mesa in Mesa, AZ. Call (480) 290-7777 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Weidner today!