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How to Know If You’re Having a Dental Emergency

Your teeth are one part of your body that you tend to forget about until you’re having problems with them. Dental issues can range from run-of-the-mill cavities to more unpleasant issues like chronic halitosis. Sadly, even people who care for their choppers pretty well will still run into problems now and then.


So how do you know if your toothache is a cause for concern? Today we’re going to give you a few instances in which you should immediately head to your dentist for a dental emergency in Mesa, AZ.


Loose teeth


Unless you’re under the age of 12, loose teeth are usually not a cause for celebration. In adults, especially, they can indicate a much more pressing matter. The usual culprit for loose teeth in adults is tooth decay, which, surprisingly, isn’t always unbearably painful. However, one or more of your teeth could be knocked loose in an accident, which only underscores the importance of seeing a dentist right away. Whatever the reason is, it’s wise to get an X-ray of your teeth, as this will be the best way to determine what’s knocking your teeth out of their gums. Fortunately, you can find an emergency dentist in Mesa pretty easily.


Bleeding gums


Have you ever heard of periodontitis? It’s a fancy word for inflamed gums. When you eat, bits of food and bacteria wedge between our teeth, which can damage both your gums and tooth enamel if not cleaned properly. If you let food decay between your teeth too long, it could start to inflame your gums and make them incredibly sensitive and prone to bleeding. These problems with inflammation are what make flossing so crucial to your daily dental hygiene routine. However, it’s best to see the dentist as soon as you notice your gums start to bleed; only they’ll be the ones who can figure out what’s causing the sensitivity.


Dental abscesses


Abscesses are perhaps the most alarming dental issue on this list. But what is a dental abscess? They’re bacterial infections that cause pus to collect inside or around the teeth. Some symptoms include throbbing pain that radiates to your jaw, ear, or neck, red and swollen gums, intense dental pain while lying down, redness and swelling of the face, and sensitivity to hot or cold drinks. Abscesses are exceptional emergency cases as the infection could spread to other areas of your body and make you sick. If you suspect you have an abscessed tooth, see an emergency dentist right away.


Thankfully, not every dental problem is a cause for an emergency. The only times you should be concerned are when you feel severe, acute pain in one or more of your teeth, are bleeding from the mouth, have loose teeth as an adult, or suspect you have an infection. Of course, the best way to prevent all of these issues is to brush and floss your teeth twice daily–once after waking up and once before bed. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget the mouthwash, either!