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Best Invisalign Dentist Mesa, AZ

Do you want a more beautiful smile? Our dentist Dr. Weidner can help you achieve the smile of your dreams with Invisalign in Mesa, Arizona. Invisalign is different and better than alternatives.

Invisalign is the perfect solution for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of traditional braces. It’s effective without discomfort or embarrassment. Invisalign will straighten your teeth, but the clear aligners are virtually invisible, unlike conventional braces. Unless you tell them, no one will even know you’re wearing them. And they’re more comfortable to wear than braces. 


Invisalign is the Clear Alternative to Braces

Invisalign is quickly becoming the most popular way to straighten teeth, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

The Invisalign process begins with a consultation with our dentist in Mesa. We will take impressions of your teeth and send them to Invisalign during your consultation. They will use this information to create a series of custom-made, clear aligners for you.

You will wear each aligner for two weeks before moving on to the next one in the series. You will see results in as little as three months, but Invisalign is a gradual process, so you may want to wear your aligners for up to one year for the best results. Invisalign is also removable, so you can take them out when you eat or drink.


How do I Care for Invisalign Aligners?

To clean Invisalign aligners, simply brush them with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also soak them in Invisalign cleaning crystals. Avoid hot water, as this can distort the shape of your aligners.

You should also avoid eating or drinking anything other than water while wearing Invisalign aligners. 


Are Invisalign Aligners Right for Me?

Invisalign is a great option for people of all ages. Invisalign can correct a wide variety of dental problems, such as:

– Crooked teeth

– Gaps between teeth

– Overbite

– Underbite

– Crossbite


Our Dentist in Mesa

Dr. Weidner has lived in Arizona for nine years and loves it. She enjoys playing beach volleyball and spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, watching football (especially the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Arizona Cardinals), and visiting family in the Midwest when time permits.

She was born and raised in Nebraska. She earned an academic and athletic scholarship to play women’s volleyball at Doane College in Crete, Nebraska. She loved playing volleyball, but she also knew she wanted to go into dentistry. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center-College of Dentistry in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 2004.

Helping patients straighten their teeth is one of Dr. Weidner’s favorite dental specialties.


Dental Care of Mesa for a More Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Dental Care of Mesa can help you with more than just straightening your teeth. We offer a full range of dental services to ensure you and your family receive quality dental care no matter the issue. Our dental staff specializes in:

-Preventative dentistry to help you avoid dental problems before they arise.

-Cosmetic dentistry to help your smile look and feel its best and give you a confidence boost.

-Restorative dentistry, to help you bring your teeth back to health, or find comfortable, attractive, effective options for replacing them.


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With Invisalign, you’ll get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted in months – without all the metal brackets and wires associated with traditional braces. Invisalign is the new standard in orthodontics, and we think you’ll love the results. With Invisalign, it’s all possible, and it may be more affordable than you think. 

Contact Dr. Julee Weidner and Dental Care of Mesa today to get started on Invisalign in Mesa, Arizona.