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Benefits of a Dental Crown

Benefits of a Dental Crown


When a tooth has been severely damaged due to a sudden trauma, poor hygiene, or a medical condition, it’s imperative that you choose the right type of treatment to restore your smile. A dental crown is one of the most popular solutions by far.


What can a Dental Crown Do?


Dental crowns, otherwise referred to as dental caps, can be utilized in a range of situations. They can be used to;


  • Cover and strengthen a tooth that isn’t capable of holding a traditional filling
  • Cover a weak tooth to stop it from breaking or requiring an extraction
  • Attach dental bridges
  • Cover discolored teeth that cannot be fixed with teeth whitening
  • Restore the natural shape of the bite
  • Restore function
  • And more


Dental crowns are very versatile and often hold a lot of benefits over alternative treatment plans. If the dental care specialist advises this treatment, it will be the best solution at your disposal.


Why Dental Crowns?


Dental crowns are an advanced form of treatment but they aren’t as complicated as many alternatives. There are many reasons to choose crowns over alternative solutions, including but not limited to;


  • Dental crowns protect the tooth underneath, preventing further decay and damage
  • Dental crowns mean you still have your original tooth root, aiding the jawline
  • Dental crowns treatments can be completed in just a few short visits
  • Dental crowns are cheaper than getting dental implants
  • Dental crowns restore a natural feel to the mouth
  • Dental crowns are built to last for decades when you look after them properly


Dental crowns are one of the best treatments for a range of dental problems. To learn more or book an appointment with our dentists to discuss getting dental crowns in Mesa, get in touch today.